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About MonsterClean

History of MonsterClean

Jim Stallings never thought he would own a carpet cleaning company. It was quite by accident that he entered the industry. Here's the story.

Nearing retirement from his 20 year long career as a U.S. Navy Bomb Disposal Technician, Jim began looking for something new to do. His first thoughts leaned toward opening a submarine sandwich shop through a well known national franchise. As fate would have it though, the franchise began to lose market share to competing franchises just as Jim was ready to commit to that course. Franchises from three other brands flooded the market, and Jim wondered if the submarine sandwich was his true calling.

At the same time Jim was pondering the sandwich issue, he noticed that the carpets in his home were looking less than optimum, so he hired a carpet cleaner to clean the carpets. It was a pivotal moment in Jim's life, because although he had had his carpets cleaned many times before, he had never experienced a cleaning like the one this random carpet cleaner delivered. You see, this cleaner came in with a portable cleaning system, but paired with a double headed rotary steam wand called the “ROTOVAC”. Jim quickly realized that the quality of cleaning this rotary powered steam wand permitted far exceeded anything Jim had experienced from any carpet cleaner he had hired before.

Jim knew he had found a “better mouse trap” in this carpet cleaning machine, and it excited his entrepreneurial spirit. Cautiously, Jim explored the ROTOVAC further, and discovered that the system had low market penetration, the portable “system” was inexpensive, and the cleaner who had cleaned his carpets under-marketed his differences from other cleaners. All of these qualities in one solution to a very common household problem would excite any investor, so Jim decide to leap.

Jim opened his first carpet cleaning company in late 2001,

and called his fledgeling company “Better Cleaners”. Using a portable extractor paired with the ROTOVAC powered rotary steam wand, Jim worked the business on nights and weekends. Demand for his services grew slowly but steadily, and soon Jim needed to increase his rate of production in order to keep up with the growing public interest.
In September 2002, Jim purchased a van to serve as Better Cleaner's first “truck mounted” carpet cleaning plant. The van was outfitted with a van powered cleaning system, that allowed Jim to cut in half the time required to service a client's home or business.

By late 2003,

demand pressures forced Jim to, once again, begin looking for ways to serve even more clients without sacrificing the quality of service delivered. Just two months away from retirement from the Navy, and looking for process solutions that would allow for improvements in as many measurable aspects of his service as possible, Jim decided to “GO BIG”.
Our first true “monster-sized” truck-mounted system was ordered from Vortex Cleaning Systems in November 2003. We took delivery in March 2004. The acquisition of this massive mobile carpet cleaning plant inspired us to change our name from “Better Cleaner's” to “MonsterClean”.

By April 2004,

MonsterClean abandoned the ROTOVAC that had inspired Jim to enter the carpet cleaning business. In it's place, Jim now favors the larger, more versatile Hydramaster RX-20 Rotary Hot Water Extractor. The RX-20 has shock absorbing, spring-loaded, vacuum ports to clean a broader range of carpets. The ROTOVAC, by contrast, lacks the ability to clean carpets installed over uneven floors, or carpets with large variations in pile height commonly found in textured berber installations.


MonsterClean owns two massive “monster” sized mobile carpet cleaning plants, employs five technicians, and has annual revenues exceeding $360,000.00 per year.

Fourteen individuals

are supported by your decision to purchase services from MonsterClean; our five employees, their wives, girlfriends and children, Jim and his wife, and their three daughters.