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Our system

Carpet Cleaning with a difference

Our machine is HUGE! There is not another carpet cleaning machine of comparable power at work in the state of Virginia.

The same big diesel engine
that moves this truck
down the road
cleans your carpets.

More POWER = better results

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But that's not all, Not by a long shot!


Our RX-20 Rotary carpet cleaning machine delivers an AMAZING 650 highly effective steam cleaning cycles per minute. That’s a lot of scrubbing (agitation) of your carpet fibers. In fact, it’s much more agitation than is humanly possible using the standard steam wand our competition is using.

RX-20 Rotary Hot Water Extractor
easy on carpet
650 Highly effective
rotary steam cleaning cycles per minute
tough on dirt

More POWER = better results

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We deliver award winning service.

Our clients LOVE the high quality carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and ceramic tile & grout cleaning services we provide, and they are not quiet about it.

Best carpet cleaner award
Our clients voted
for us in service quality competitions
both local and national

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Wait, there's more!

MonsterClean technicians are IICRC certified EXPERTS, who have passed exams certifying that they understand the chemistry and procedures necessary to deliver the highest quality clean.

Certified technicians
have been to carpet cleaning school
(there really is one) and they
are better technicians.

More BRAIN power = better results



We come packing a lot of heat

MonsterClean is capable of delivering a constant flow of 280 degree water!
... By the way, ... that's sixty eight degrees above boiling !!! and it is a temperature our competition simply can’t match, even in short pulses.

280 degrees water temperature guage reading
Hotter water
makes detergents more active, and ...
cleans better!

More HEAT = better results

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Still not convinced?

Our risk reversal policy should set you mind at ease!

... Watch us closely, ... then fire us early in the job if you remain unconvinced -- no money will change hands.
... WE TAKE THE RISK cleaning for you, not the other way around.

gaurantee badge
Our "Risk Reversal" policy

it's peace of mind for you, and
a door opener for us!

A better Guarantee = better cleaning results

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Our product is of superior grade,
and we intend to keep it that way!

Just look at all the AWARDS on this linked page!!


MonsterClean is a quality first company.

  • MonsterClean has earned a five star rating from Angies List™ users, Local.Yahoo™ users, Google™ local users, Norfolk CitySearch™ users, and™ users.
  • MonsterClean ensures that at least one technician on every job-site is certified by the International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).
    • Trained technicians get better results, especially when remediating stubborn stains like ink, print toner, grease, or urine.
  • QUALITY as defined by MonsterClean is delivered through . . . “understanding and optimising value for the customer. Our product is of superior grade, and we intend to keep it that way.”

We know the value of referral marketing. Jim Stallings, the owner, says his goal is to “make every new customer a client, and every client a MonsterClean evangelist.” So try us out today, then start spreading the good word.


We want your friends and
co-workers to be
MonsterClean Evangelists too!