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RX-20 Rotary Steam Wand

Carpet cleaning has evolved

The Rx-20 Rotary Hot Water Extractor is our "Secret Sauce". This gentle but aggressive tool can best be described as a carpet cleaning steam wand on steroids.

    Here are a few of it's features
  • The RX20 takes the hard labor out of cleaning carpets.
  • The RX20 never gets tired, so it works just as hard on the last job of the day as the first.
  • The RX20 is safe for use on most carpets. (not compatible with silk or sisal rugs, nor some wools)
  • The RX20 is brushless - five stainless steel vacuum slots are all that touch your floor.
  • Spring loaded - The rotating head is mounted on springs to "give" a little on uneven floors.
  • There are either three or five steam jets - matched to your job to ensure maximum rinsing of soil and detergent from carpet fibers
  • There are five stainless steel vacuum slots - to ensure thorough extraction and more rapid drying