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Our truck

Our steam cleaning machine

The BIG truck

It really does matter what kind of truck and equipment a company uses!
It takes a lot of power to properly clean a carpet. A handful of variables determine the job quality. The equipment being used is most definitely one of them!

"Monster" powered

Size DOES matter!   All truck-mounts are not created equal! Our machine uses the same big diesel engine that brings us to your door to clean your carpets.

We carry 210 gallons of fresh water with us, ... we will not need to "hook up to" or "use" your water in most cases.   We do not re-cycle our water!   Only CLEAN fresh water is used to clean your carpets.

Our water is heated three separate times before it reaches your carpets. In the last stage it is heated indirectly by diesel engine exhaust gasses, and achieves temperatures of up to 280 degrees fahrenheit.

The vacuum pump in our truck is HUGE

Does it matter? A larger vacuum, that gulps more air faster through the vacuum lines yields a faster dry time and a cleaner carpet. Our machine is the largest in the industry (The yellow vacuum seen below on the far right.) You just cant fit this equipment in a van.

All of the vacuums pictured here are commonly found in "truck-mounts" EXCEPT for the yellow one, which is found only in the huge equipment MonsterClean will bring to your home or business.