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Do not clean oriental rugs on location (in client home)

Do not clean rugs at home
It is never a good idea to clean oriental rugs in-situ at a client's home, and should never be attempted unless other factors such as large size prevent moving the rug to our professional rug cleaning facility.  While in-home cleaning IS much cheaper, it is risky and not even remotely the equivilent of in-plant cleaning.  On location, the fringe cannot be cleaned, and the rug may mildew due to inadeqaate drying.

How often should I clean my Oriental Rugs?

The Oriental Rug Importers Association (ORIA) recommends hand-made rugs be cleaned every two to four years.  Rugs used in heavily trafficked areas such as entry halls may need to be cleaned annually.  Removing soil from thick and heavy rugs is more difficult, and cleaning frequency for these rugs should be accelerated to twice the frequency of closely cut and lighter weight rugs.  

Should I buy a silk rug for use on my floor?

Silk rugs are a poor choice as a floor covering

As a floor covering, silk rugs are a poor choice because they are much less resistant to permanent soiling than even good quality wool rugs.  Silk rugs when new, are often very beautiful, vibrant, soft and elegant, but they are also highly susceptible to rapid soiling and accelerated wear.  


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