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DIY - Removing a fresh urine spill

Pet odor remediation self help advice for pet owners. Do it yourself method. How to.

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Heat cleans better

image of hot water from pressure washer

Water is the universal solvent, and heat amplifies the solvency of water. Anyone who has ever cleaned a greasy stove or oven knows that cold water is a less effective cleaning medium than hot water.

According to "James Swenson”
B.S. 1978, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA, Appl. Phys.,from the US Department of Energy:

Chemistry of clean

Soil suspension by detergent action  micelle formation

Detergents are long chain organic molecules with some pretty amazing properties. These bi-polar (double ended) molecules have one negatively charged (anionic) end, and one cationic (positively charged) end. The negatively charged ends (heads) are hydrophylic (they love water) while the positively chaged ends (tails) are hydrophobic (they are repelled by water).

A cartoon detergent molecule


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