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The Founders Inn at Regent University

The Founders Inn

The ballroom in "The Founder's Inn" is an Axminster weave wool fiber carpet on a jute back foundation.

Deep cleaning this carpet is a real technical challenge.

  • The jute backing presents a severe risk of shrinkage
  • Harsh detergents are not an option on fine wool carpets.
  • Speed drying with a dozen fans is necessary to success
  • Bright colors are a risk for color migration or bleeding

Food, wine and sugary drinks are only a few of the soils that find their way deep into the ballroom carpet fibers.   The process employed to extract those soils must honor the carpets natural character.

  • Maximize rinse
    • Use plenty of water to flush soil from the fibers
  • Minimize moisture
    • Leave very little water behind after extraction
  • Maintain correct PH ballance

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