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Our Risk Reversal Policy

Our Risk Reversal Policy

We are well aware that when you hire a new contractor, a contractor you have never hired before, you are taking a risk.   You cannot know what you are going to get, until you have got it.   That is a risk you do not have to take if you hire MonsterClean.

Our Risk Reversal Policy is here to protect you from spending money on a failed attempt to clean your carpet, tile, or upholstery.

Instead of asking YOU to assume any risk hiring MonsterClean, we are happy to risk OUR time and effort cleaning for you.


  1. Schedule your job, and arrange to be present during the cleaning.
  2. Let us know you want to preview our work before we commit to the whole job.
  3. We will clean up to 150 square feet of carpet, 5 square feet of tile, or one half of one seat of upholstered furniture, to demonstrate our procedures.
  4. Watch is closely, and if we are not meeting your expectations, or if you do not like the process or its outcome, let is know immediately.
  5. If you tell us you had hoped for better, we will cheerfully agree to abandon the effort, pack up our gear, and leave you to find other solutions to the problem you hired us to remedy. No money will ever change hands for the failed attempt to clean your carpet, tile, or upholstery.

Not every stain is removable, not every problem is remediable, and not every person is a future MonsterClean evangelist.

WE TAKE THE RISK cleaning for you, not the other way's peace of mind for you, and a door opener for us!