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Steam cleaning and mold growth

We believe an educated consumer is more likely to buy carpet, upholstery and tile & grout cleaning services from MonsterClean.

Steam cleaning does NOT cause mold growth

Scientific lab studies have shown a complex picture of how mold grows in carpet and how best to avoid the problem.

Controlled scientific studies have proven that it is dirt that promotes mold growth much more than humidity. Soiled carpets promoted mold growth, while thorough cleaning reduced the risk of mold growth. Basically put, high humidity plus dirt equals mold.

Clean Carpets vs. Mold

It's worth noting that if carpet is clean enough, carpet is virtually impervious to any kind of mold growth, despite the conditions. In the studies, clean nylon carpet was subjected to high temperatures and levels of humidity (80 degrees F; 80% humidity) and no mold growth occurred. Even clean carpeting that was known to have active mold spores did not have additional mold growth. Dirt on carpeting grows mold for two reasons. First, the dirt contains mold spores. Second, dirt itself contains moisture. So, the moisture in the dirt combined with the room's ambient humidity provides a rich breeding ground for mold.

Even worse, dirt is a hygroscopic material, meaning that it readily soaks up any available moisture--whether ambient humidity or surface moisture. In other words, dirt is a moisture-magnet.

The study is available for viewing or download at this link ->>> Hydrolab Carpet-Mold study