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Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are proteins that speed up certain chemical reactions. In decomposition of urine, these enzymes attach themselves to a particular components in urine and help "good" bacteria digest or break-down that component. There are certain enzymes used for the different types of stains and soils. A protease enzyme breaks down protein-based stains, lipolase enzymes break down fat-based stains, and amylase enzymes break down starch-based stains.

** Enzymes are digestive catalysts produced by living organisms (i.e., bacteria) that break down organic matter into simpler compounds that are more easily rinsed. Complex enzyme formulations may also accomplish breakdown into stages that ultimately yield only water and carbon dioxide.
    How it works (backwards from illustration)
  • green/yellow stuff attaches to purple enzyme
  • purple enzyme breaks into separate yellow and green stuff

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