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MS Masdaam

Luxury Liner carpet and upholstery cleaning

The MS Maasdam Luxury Liner
Dockside carpet cleaning
The MS Maasdam Luxury Liner

In January 2005, a ships agent for Holland America Cruise lines was searching for a local company to clean the carpets aboard the MS Maasdam, a fifty-five thousand ton luxury liner. The Maasdam routinely cleaned their own carpets using portable extractors and was looking for a truck mounted solution to a growing problem with dingy carpets and upholstery.

Several local companies were approached, but declined to bid because it would exceed design limitations imposed by their equipment. Our competition is ambitious, so they proposed work-arounds that would enable them to complete the work. None of their approaches to the problem were practical. (Some even suggested craning their vans onto the ships deck and doing the work from there.)

With our "Monster" truck working from the pier, MonsterClean was able to clean all 38,000 square feet of carpet, 438 chairs, 972 linear feet of cloth sofa, and 243 linear feet of leather sofa in the four nights allowed by the ships schedule. It was a job requiring the herculean power, massive heat generation capacity, and very long hose runs of which only MonsterClean is capable. (Our steam and vacuum lines rose 11 floors high, before penetrating 400 feet inside the ship on the most distant cleaning site in the ship.)

We look forward to more maritime work at the Norfolk Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center terminal near Nauticus in the future.