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Dominion Enterprises

Hi-Rise carpet cleaning

Dominion Tower Norfolk Virginia
Dominion Tower Norfolk Virginia
Dominion Tower Norfolk Virginia

In February 2007, MonsterClean was approached to clean the carpets in Dominion Tower, a twenty story high-rise that was under construction. The carpets had been soiled with construction dust and needed to be cleaned before delivery to the building's new owner. The job was too large for cleaning with portable extractors to be a practical option, so the builder was looking for a local truck mounted steam cleaning company that could handle the work.

An attached parking garage rose to the eighth floor, and at least one local company (with yellow trucks) attempted the job from there. Design limitations imposed by their equipment still prevented them (the yellow truck guys) from cleaning above the tenth floor, just two floors above.

With our "Monster" truck working from ground level, at the foot of the high-rise, MonsterClean demonstrated it's ability to clean carpets on the eighteenth floor. Our very satisfied client then directed us to work our way down.

It was a job requiring the herculean power, massive heat generation capacity, and very long hose runs of which only MonsterClean is capable. (Our steam and vacuum lines rose 18 floors high, before penetrating 350 feet to the most distant cleaning site in the high-rise.)