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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

On average, we spend about eight hours per day, or one third of our lives in bed. In bed with us are millions of dust mites. These nearly microscopic creatures don't bite, but they can cause us some grief because their feces is an allergen to many people.

According to the Center for Disease Control, a mattress can be home to anywhere between 10,000 to 10 million dust mites.

MonsterClean goes beyond just cleaning your mattress. We offer an additional and optional step that destroys the proteins in dust mite allergen that produce an allergic reaction in allergy sufferers.

Allergy Relief Treatment™, a hypoallergenic solution that effectively destroys dust mite and other allergens, may be applied to all mattress surfaces after cleaning.

The Allergy Relief Treatment™ will reduce levels of dust mite and pet allergens by as much as 90%. You and your family will breathe easier.

Dust mites in mattress

  • Mattress Cleaning benefits
    • Bed bugs are killed by our steam cleaning.
    • Dust mites and their allergy inducing feces are removed by our steam cleaning
    • Odors that result from everyday use (like sweat and body oils) are remediated by our steam cleaning.
    • Urinespots are often completely eliminated, and associated odors reduced or eliminated.
    • Blood stains may be eliminated (this is a very difficult stain.

    With techniques backed by science and equipment that cannot be surpassed for sheer power, MonsterClean is a titan in carpet cleaning.
    Power and Science: That's the MonsterClean advantage.