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Tile & Grout cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Put away your toothbrushes! We can clean your ceramic, stone, or porcelain tile faster, more efficiently, and with better results. It's essentially very controlled indoor pressure washing. 1500 PSI water at about 240 degrees is used to clean your tile, right next to your fine cabinetry and without wetting surfaces that need to remain dry.

Tile grout cleaning service before and after scene

Our tile cleaning tool is a rotating pressure-washer head mounted under a vacuum can.

In the video below, you can see our tool at work. There's a rotating nozzle under the can, a vacuum port and a high pressure hot water supply line. We are recovering all the water and dirt via vacuum extraction (the large blue tube) to a waste tank on our truck parked outside.


With techniques backed by science and equipment that cannot be surpassed for sheer power, MonsterClean is a titan in carpet cleaning.
Power and Science: That's the MonsterClean advantage.