We are fully insured and bonded for your protection.

Are you tired of cleaning your rental or short on time? We can clean your Airbnb for you.

We understand the importance of keeping your cleanliness rating at five stars and will pay attention to detail at the same level you would.

What You Get:

  • All cleaning supplies are provided by Monster Clean unless specialized products are needed or requested. All toiletry refills and trash can liners need to be supplied.
  • Every cleaning includes a damage report and a restocking report
    • Damage report- Any items we see that need repairing or will soon need to be repaired.
    • Restocking Report – Items that you provide for your guests that are running low and will need replacing soon. Such as toilet paper, soap, paper towels, cleaning supplies.
  • Linens are included in the hourly rate if laundry is on site.
  • Attention to detail
  • Honest, hardworking, professional cleaner(s)


  • $30.00/hr

Ready to get started?

Call or text 636-222-4223 to schedule a cleaning.

If you aren’t sure yet and need some cleaning tips and tricks for your rental, check out Cleaning My Airbnb Rental.